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          Growing up through the ages around 14-18 is never simple. It is easier, however, when you are surrounded by an attentive, supportive community. As a “total community” that attends to the needs of its students around the clock, it is our great opportunity and great responsibility to help our students navigate this transitional stage of life. Simply put, our Community Life program is about teaching and ensuring healthy living.

          The Community Life Program aims to address the topics and issues students will face both in the present and later in college, career, and life: healthy relationships, wellness and stress management, drug and alcohol use, appropriate technology use, citizenship (both local and global), and leadership, to name just a few. We address these issues through organized events designed to stimulate open conversation.

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          Of course, a healthy community supports its members outside formal meetings as well. Through our advisor program, where students are assigned a faculty member to assist with all aspects of Middlesex life (and often beyond), we hope to ensure that each student succeeds in the full sense of the word.

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